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my new facebook group

"The 'Coffee Party' Is Astroturfy"

We seek a good, honest brew.

A lot of sincere people want something better in U.S. politics, but Annabel Park's "Coffee Party" isn't the place to go. This Facebook group is for those who want more factual scrutiny into the establishment roots of this "Grass Roots" movement.

- http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=359936598963

join up, and tell people who want an honest cup of coffee to join too!

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"Peace Express" Killed fly by Barack Obama

The presentation of the new project "Peace Express" took place in the art gallery "Shmatko & sons"

Nicolai Shmatko has presented the international project - the sculptural composition "Peace Express" and also acquainted his guests with new creative works, namely "Three Graces" in marble made by N. Shmatko and "Three Graces" in stone-tinted plaster made by his son Rafael.

N. Shmatko had been working on "Peace Express" for more than one month, but the most difficult thing was to render the idea of this sculpture. The sculptor had to scrutinize thoroughly each of the candidates he wanted to immortalize.

"I decided to make this sculpture in order to evoke a response from these world leaders so that they would pay more attention to the problems of peacekeeping on our planet. I have chosen these politicians surely because they "run the show" in this world" - N. Shmatko said.

The sculptural portraits of the President of the USA - Barack Obama, the President of Russia - Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime-minister of Italy - Silvio Berlusconi, the President of Venezuela - Hugo Chavez and the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, the President of the People's Republic of China - Hu Jintao are imaged on the tips of the fingers of a hand in the center of which there is a symbolic globe with a fly transfixed by Barack Obama. >>> see all photos >>>

N. Shmatko appealed to the leaders of the 5 countries with the help of mass media with the proposition to Barack Obama to allocate 5 million dollars for the financing of the statue made of marble "Christ's Appearance to the Apostles" and also "to construct a new city in the centre of which this sculptural composition will be set."

The sculptor suggested Dmitry Medvedev "planning a visit to the gallery and providing help in its "extension".

N. Shmatko offered Hu Jintao to organize an exhibition in China where the sculptor is ready to show more than 100 sculptures and more than 300 canvases. During this exhibition the sculptor "is going to fundraise 1 billion dollars" which he promised to pass to "the distressed provinces of China". The host, in its turn, as N. Shmatko proposed, will have to guarantee the transportation of the collection and to allow 3.000 square meters of exhibition area and the presence of mass media.

Silvio Berlusconi was offered "to be responsible for the expenses of the presentation of N. Shmatko in Florence Biennale 2009 and to take part in the inauguration of Biennale" in which N. Shmatko intends to participate.

Hugo Chavez was offered "to realize a project which would symbolize the people of Venezuela. The sculptor also invited the President to visit the art gallery "Shmatko & Sons".

"With our efforts (in the field of sculpture creation), my sons and I are ready to bring beauty to the Venezuelan people and to offer them new opportunities for tourism," - N. Shmatko said.

Information on a source  www.kingofmarble-shmatko.com/engver/index_en.html

Mod Post

I'm not a huge fan of editing/deleting posts, but an entry was previously posted on here that I felt was over the line offensive.

This community is for discussion of legitmate issues we have with the President, not a place to use racial slurs.

Remember what Obama said?


Remember what Obama said in past

During Barack Obama's presidential campaign, he told the American people some things that I think we need to be reminded of.

He said 95 percent of Americans would receive tax cuts. His so-called stimulus plan is an insult to that statement.

He said he would veto any bill with a bunch of pork barrel projects. His stimulus plan is loaded with them.

We were told by campaign staffers of which he approved, it was unfair and even stupid to say his father was Muslim and he went to Muslim schools when he was young.

One of the first things he did as president was go on Arabic TV and talk about his Muslim roots.

On Jan. 8 of this year, he met with corporate executives at George Mason University and said, "Only government can provide the short-term boost to lift us from a recession this deep and severe. Only government can break the cycles that are crippling our economy."

On Jan. 28, speaking to Congressional Republicans to push his stimulus plan, he said, "in the end, the answer to our economic troubles rests less in my hands or in the hands of our legislators than it does with American workers and the businesses that employ them."

They are the ones whose efforts and ideas will determine our economic destiny just as they always have. All we can do in Washington is create a favorable climate."

Let's be fair. If George Bush is a liar, there is unimpeachable proof Obama is also a liar.

That creates quite a dilemma for many Democrats.

Now they have to attack one liar and defend another.


Clarksville 37040
House GOP Stood Up and Exposed the Immoral Obama Porkulus Sham
January 29, 2009

RUSH: The headline on the porkulus bill, winning passage last night in the House of Representatives in various places goes like this. "House Passes $800 Billion Stimulus Plan with No Republican Support." The headline ought to be: "House Democrats Vote to Spend $800 Billion in Pork They Don't Have, Republicans Fail to Stop It," or "Republicans Don't Support It." There's nothing wrong with needed stimulus, by the way, if it's stimulus. But this is not stimulus. This is fairness. Do you remember...? My memory here is exploding, ladies and gentlemen. Remember that interview -- and it might have been with Maria Bartiromo at CNBC. It was somebody in the financial community. He was told that capital gains tax cuts generated more tax revenue and not less, and he said, "That's not the issue. The issue is fairness."
Much more under the cut.Collapse )
It's Washington as usual on steroids. There is no change in this bill; there is no leaving the past behind. It is the worst of everything that has become Washington and Big Government -- and as this is Obama's marquee policy, then that is how his administration must be defined as well. The worst of everything that has become Washington and Big Government. It's his marquee policy. He put his name on it; he owns it. Therefore, what we're saying about this bill can be said about his administration and how we define it. So, again, congratulations to the House Republicans -- every one of them -- and the 11 Democrats who did the right thing and refused to support something so blatantly, morally wrong.

No Respect - Scary, Scary, Scary!

""a new Declaration of Independence" -- free from small thinking, prejudice and bigotry."

So, now, not only the Constitution is no good, but neither is our Declaration of Independence. Is there any requirement at all that a President has the tiniest amount of respect for the country he's going to govern?
We thought 4 years would be scary. We thought 8 years would be REALLY scary! How about 12? 16?

Hope and Change: Move to repeal presidential term limits started

posted at 5:00 pm on January 13, 2009 by Ed Morrissey

"Maybe I’m just being too cynical, but somehow I doubt that Rep. José Serrano introduced HJ Res 5 in order to allow George W Bush to run for a third term in office. One week ago, the New York Democrat introduced a measure to repeal the 22nd Amendment, which provides the only term limit on federal office — the Presidency. The amendment, added in 1951, restricts anyone from seeking a third term in office, and Serrano wants that repealed.

Why now? Apparently, the notion of Hope and Change has overwhelmed Serrano to the point that he just can’t stand to see Barack Obama limited to two terms in office. Never mind the fact that Obama has yet to start his first term, and no one knows yet whether he’d get re-elected in 2012. Maybe it’s that New Deal vibe; Serrano may want to prepare the way for a more tangible comparison between Obama and FDR in 2016 and 2020.

Of course, a repeal wouldn’t just apply to Obama. What other former President might decide he wants to return to the White House? Someone who couldn’t quite close the deal by having his wife run for the office?

Normally, I don’t like term limits, but the office of the presidency has enough power to make the 22nd Amendment a reasonable limitation on it. So far, no one has added themselves as a cosponsor to Serrano’s bill, but if any do, perhaps Democrats might want to explain why they suddenly have a yen for Hugo Chavez-style executives after screeching hysterically about Bush’s ideas of the “unitary executive,” which they completely misunderstood anyway.

Update: Via Amerpundit in the comments, I see that this is an ongoing effort by Serrano. He introduced the same bill in 2003, when Bill Clinton would have been the obvious beneficiary. Steve Benen wrote an interesting history of it at the time.http://hotair.com/archives/2009/01/13/hope-and-change-move-to-repeal-presidential-term-limits-started/