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All Things Creepy and Scary about "The One"

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All Things Creepy and Scary about "The One"
Are there things that Obama has done, in his past, or recently that you find creepy and scary? This is the place to post about it. Although it might seem like a joke, this really is no joke at all. A president should engender confidence, not fear, from the people he or she governs. This man's history of radical associations, disregard for the Constitution and tendencies toward all things Socialist is enough to scare any freedom loving American, provided they are actually aware of what's going on.

What can you do? It's simple. Now that we have gotten ourselves into this pickle, each and every time "The One" does something "scary" we've got to shed light on it and voice our disapproval. We have given ourselves quite a job for these next 4-8-12 or more years. Legitimate, supportable complaints only please. Having said that, there is no challenge that Americans who want to remain Americans can't face. Good luck and God bless us all. We're going to need it.

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